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Welcome to PATH


PATH Features:

  • Employer Program to help employers develop plans to promote a healthy workplace, reduce parking demands, and save employsees' money

  • Information about transit services and trails

What is PATH

PATH works to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicle trips in and around the Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission region by promoting alternatives to driving alone. Reduced vehicle trips will improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion, enhance the transportation system, and improve the societal emphasis on personal health and fitness.  We also advocate for alternative transportation solutions in communities, work with bicycle and walking safety organizations, and actively seek partners in the region's business community.

How to use PATH

PATH membership is free and open to all individuals who live or work in Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission region.  PATH offers incentives for people that carpool, use public transit, bicycle or walk to work.  To become a PATH member and receive the benefits of the program, click on the Register Now button.  

PATH also works with employers by helping them find safe and reliable ways to support employees struggling with transportation issues and to offer the solutions as benefits to employees.  PATH works with employers to identify analyze major transportation issues around their workplaces and helps employers develop and implement innovative and effective solutions.  PATH also works with employers to promote commuting alternatives, develop transit options specific to workplaces, and identifies incentives to help employers encourage commuting alternatives. 

The need for PATH

There is a growing need in the region to address serious environmental and public health issues as well as the need to more effectively manage traffic congestion and sprawl.  The following are just some of the many reasons PATH sees the need for the program:

  • Families spend about $9,000/year on transportation, but if they use alternative transportation to work three days a week, they could save at least $3,000/year
  • One car emits 20 pounds of carbon dioxide/gallon of gasoline it uses, but a commuter can reduce his/her carbon emissions by 20,500 pounds/year (equivalent to approximately planting 15 trees) to by using alternative transportation 3 days/week
  • The average worker’s compensation medical claim is seven times more costly for an obese worker than a non-obese worker
  • The top three reasons why employees missed 10 or more days of work in the last year were heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure—all diseases linked to obesity
  • Employees facing traffic congestion the region can lose up to $20/day in wages while sitting in traffic

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you or your employer get on the right PATH!

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